From construction
series production

As a development supplier and service partner, we offer efficient solutions for complex tasks.

Our engineers ensure precise manufacturing technologies for every part, with safe processes and high repeat accuracy.


The tool forms the basis for the later economic series production. The combination of experience and modern production technology is decisive for the construction of tools.

Stamping technology

Using our own tools developed in-house we produce highly complex precision parts for you in small and large scale series. Our range of tools offers you a selection of processes integrated in the tool to enable the efficient manufacture of your product.

Injection moulding

We are specialists in the challenging field of connecting metal to plastic. Our production processes enable us to offer you the best solution for the manufacture of your product.


Your parts are manufactured on numerous assembly lines in compliance with ESD requirements. The selective combination of manual and fully-automated processes exactly tailored to meet the requirements of the customer result in high quality products.

Add. manufacturing

In the area of additive manufacturing, we use selective laser melting to manufacture highly complex components from metal. Using high performance laser beams we apply layers by fusing metal powder.